Alumni Association

The Cornell Delta Upsilon Association (CDUA) has been the alumni governing body of the Cornell chapter since 1882. It meets by telephone regularly and at least once a year in person. Its three main purposes are to:

  • “Promote the mental, moral and social improvement of its members”
  • Operate and maintain the Chapter house
  • Provide guidance and counsel to the active Chapter 

CDUA Board of Directors

Robert Straka ’82
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 513-300-3473


Duane Phillips ’78
Treasurer/Vice President – Capital Planning
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 925-283-9913


Mark Clemente ’73
Email: [email protected]


Tom Scott ’78
Vice President – Development/Co-Chair Capital Campaign
Email: [email protected]


Kevin Bruns ’79

Anthony Cashen ’57

Anthony Murray ’60 – Past CDUA president

Rick Furbush ’71 

William Totten ’73

Mark Kamon ’75 – Past CDUA president 

Cal Fastuca ’78 – Philanthropy Chair

Kevin Bruns ’79 – Past CDUA president 

Mark Merila ’82

Dan Devine ’86 – Past CDUA president

John Hock ’90  

Doug Porter ’78 – Co-Chair Capital Campaign

Tom Kobin ’90

Danny Alvarez ’91

Pete Vogel ’92

Kevin Marcus ’92

Sam Sezak ’98

Greg Moore ’06

Brandon Potter ’09

Lance Polivy ’08 – Recruitment Chair