Undergraduate Chapter

Established in 1869, Delta Upsilon is one of Cornell’s oldest fraternities. Its chapter house at 6 South Avenue has been its home since 1891. Few fraternities at Cornell have as rich a history, with members who shaped campus life as students and went on to have brilliant careers in business, literature, media, sports, law and academia.

DU today is one of Cornell’s strongest and most respected fraternities. Its more than 50 members are active on campus and hold leadership roles in the Interfraternity Council, business fraternity and club sports, among other activities. DU brothers:

• Win the Cornell Intramural All-Sports Trophy
• Helped found Cayuga’s Watchers, a nationally recognized group of students who promote responsible drinking
• Helped clean up after Hurricane Sandy on the NJ shore
• Repair schools in Jamaica, and volunteer for Ithaca youth organizations
• Play for Cornell’s championship club hockey team, as well as club golf and lacrosse
• Attend the nation’s leading law, medical and business schools and work for leading companies

Meet the Officers

President: Ben Hirsch ’22 ([email protected])

Vice President: Drew Goldberg ’21

Vice President of Finance: Kai Mulligan ’23

Vice President of Loss Prevention: Hugh Rubery ’23

Vice Presidents of External Relations: McKee Bond ’23, Jack Rifkin ’23

Vice Presidents of Recruitment: Corgan Goodrow ’22, Nico McHugh ’23, Luca Wernick ’23

Vice Presidents of Member Education: Brendan Sullivan ’22, Tommy Ryan ’22

House Managers: Matt Kates ’23, Ray Cotto ’21

Historian: Scott Zelov ’21

Brotherhood Chairs: John Dahlberg ’21, Jin Yu ’21

Health and Wellness Chair: Jacob Goldstein ’22

Diversity and Inclusion Chair: Julian Epps ’22

Steward: Theo Collins ’23

Philanthropy Chair: Eric Wilchek ’23

Meet the Brothers

Jack Barone ’21 – La Jolla, CA
John Dahlberg ’21 – Washington, DC area; AEM
Nick DeFrancisco ’21 – Smithtown, NY; OR
Connor Dolan ’21 – Morristown, NJ; AEM
Tim Dye ’21 –
Zane Emery ’21 – San Diego, CA; Math/Physics
Chase Galatro ’21 – Princeton, NJ; OR
Drew Goldberg ’21 – Ithaca, NY
Luke Haralampoudis ’21 – Morristown, NJ; AEM
AJ Hersch ’21 – New York City; AEM
Carter Hoekstra ’21 – Philadelphia, PA; ILR
Jamie Moore – Gillon ’21 – Hotel
Christian Overmeer ’21 – Boston, MA; ILR
Luke Park ’21 – NYC; Communications
Michael Perlo ’21 – Fairport, NY; ILR
Wes Porter ’21 – Baltimore, MA; ILR
Price Sartor ’21 – Tampa, FL; ILR
Rob Schetty ’21 –
Ben Smullen ’21 – Philadelphia, PA; OR
Alex Spivak ’21 –
Zeke Strang ’21 – Cleveland, OH; Hotel
Zach Wood ’21 – Washington, DC area; OR
Jin Yu ’21 – Toronto, Ontario; ESS
Scott Zelov ’21 – Philadelphia, PA