National Campaign Co-Chairmen

Doug Porter ’78

Tom Scott ’78

[email protected]

(312) 305-4280

[email protected]

(901) 483-0353

Honorary Campaign Chairmen

Nelson Schaenen, Jr. ’50

Peter Gogolak ’64

John Paxton, Jr. ’73

Tim Ring ’79


Duane Phillips ’78


Kevin Bruns ’79


Mark Kamon ’75

CDUA President


Campaign Team Members

Rod Beckwith ’57
Tony Cashen ’57
Tony Murray ’60
Bob Verna ’68
Mal McLaren ’73
Joe Wasilewski ’74

Scott Keenum ’76
Frank Tataseo ’76
Dale Mueller ’77
John Neff ’77
John Jameson ’80
Don Strang ’80
Brian Miller ’85
Dan Gilroy ’86
Mark Stolfe ’86
David O’Rourke ’87
John Hock ’90
Lance Polivy ’08
Brandon Potter ’09
Billy Berns ’19
Noah Wartels ’19 

Throughout the campaign period, we will look to add brothers to our Campaign Team. To become a member of the Campaign Team, we ask two things:

  1. Make a generous pledge to the Raising Our Game Campaign.

  2. Select 5-10 brothers of your choosing to contact and ask for their participation in the campaign.

The time commitment is minimal, but the impact is vital to our success! Finding volunteers from every decade is critical to the campaign. If you want to become a member of the Campaign Team, or if you would like to hear more information, please contact Doug or Tom.