Summer 2018 “Raising Our Game” Capital Campaign Report


August 1, 2018 –  Tom Scott ’78, co-chair of DU’s “Raising Our Game” campaign, today announced that as of July 15, 2018, 163 brothers have made pledges totaling $1.6 million. Of this, $1.1 million has been collected, which has allowed us to make immediate improvements to the house, especially on the first floor. 

“If you have already pledged, THANK YOU,” said Scott. “Your generosity has been an inspiration to the alumni and especially to the undergraduates. If you have not contributed to the Raising Our Game [link to campaign] campaign, please consider doing so.” 

Phase 1 renovations and major upgrades have a positive impact on how the undergraduates live, study and thrive in the House, CDUA president Mark Kamon ’75 said. The newly renovated Library has made DU “the place to study” on campus. You will find many brothers there at all hours of the day! The historic displays in the new library cabinets provide a glimpse into the rich history of DU at Cornell.

“We’re not finished. With our ambitious, but reachable goal of $3 million, additional support will be required.” Kamon said. “Having pledges for about $1.6 million, we have a good core commitment, but in order to accomplish our mission, additional support will be required. Please consider a contribution, or if you have already supported, please consider an additional pledge.”